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Document Management

V1 – Business Automation Software

V1 is the author of electronic document management and imaging software designed to simplify business processes. This software enables the automated electronic storage, retrieval, management, enhancement and delivery of business documents such as vendor invoices, purchase orders and statements.

Paperless Office technology

V1's "paperless office technology" is seamlessly integrated into Sage 300 ERP, Sage ERP X3 and Sage CRM and has a typical ROI of less than six months. V1 Document Management's solutions are enabling thousands of organizations to save dramatic amounts of time, money and space.

Document management cuts paper usage, bringing the ideals of the paperless office closer than ever by simply replacing paper-based processes with electronic procedures. This eliminates the printing, posting and manual filing of paper documents while saving money and being more eco-friendly.

Document Management solutions are used by thousands of organizations and companies worldwide, providing them with a secure document repository as well as helping them to save time and significantly cut costs whilst making a real environmental difference.

Green Solutions

Electronic document management reduces both paper consumption and CO2 emissions. By dramatically reducing the amount of paper a business uses, more trees are saved from destruction. Even when sustainable tree planting ensures a sapling is planted every time a tree is destroyed, this is not as beneficial to the environment as allowing trees to grow to full maturity. Each tree locks-in approximately one ton of carbon during its lifetime and so by saving more trees, greater amounts of carbon are being naturally sequestered from the atmosphere.

Using less paper also has knock-on effects throughout the supply chain. For instance, carbon is emitted during the manufacture of stationery, by trucks during paper transportation and by electricity whilst storing the paper. Eliminating document printing also removes carbon emissions during the printing process and during the manufacture of toner cartridges.

Return on Investment (ROI) of under 6 months

As prices of scanning and storage hardware have fallen substantially over recent years, this has brought document imaging and document management software within the reach of even the smallest IT budget. Coupled with very fast Return-on-Investment - typically just a few months - this has significantly increased demand for V1's award winning green document management solutions.

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