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Sage ERP X3 for Process Manufacturing

Focused on the specific, specialized requirements of mid-sized process manufacturers and distributors in food & beverage, chemicals, hard goods and life sciences, Sage ERP X3 for Process Manufacturing is designed to meet specific industry’s’ requirements, in order to maximize company efficiency,

Food and Beverage Producers

As a food and beverage processor or distributor, your company must effectively tackle the challenge of managing industry-specific requirements and legal mandates imposed on your business. Not only must you efficiently fill customer orders, manage recipes, control inventory , and plan production in an increasingly competitive environment... Learn More

Chemical Manufacturers

Today's chemical manufacturers and distributors face many challenges in operating a profitable organization, from external market factors – such as government regulations, global competition, customer demands and pricing – to internal factors – like your reactivity and flexibility in dealing with changing business conditions... Learn More

Hard Goods Manufacturers

Manufacturers are under constant pressure to produce high quality products - on time, every time. While aiming to reduce costs and increase profitability, you have to deal with the added complexities of economic fluctuations, market governance and compliance mandates. It's not easy to remain competitive... Learn More

Medical Device Manufacturers

As medical device manufacturer, you are focused on running efficient discrete production activities, yet you must meet the same FDA compliance guidelines as pharmaceutical/life sciences companies that have formula-driven production processes... Learn More

Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

FDA-registered manufacturers in industries such as pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals are under increasing pressure to maintain their competitiveness while simultaneously complying with an increasing array of regulatory requirements. From thinning pipelines and skyrocketing operating costs to calls for lower prices and a greater regulatory burden, pharmaceutical companies...Learn More

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