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BI-Metrix’s Business Intelligence solutions help small and mid-size businesses optimize processes, save money, and improve decision-making through the power of information. BI-Metrix has deep and proven expertise in delivering business intelligence solutions that are powerful, easy to use, cost effective, and offer capabilities to support the three pillars of BI - analysis, reporting and planning. By integrating data from across the enterprise and delivering self-serve reporting and analysis, BI-Metrix removes the need for IT or high powered users and empowers business users to be self-sufficient.

'We are grateful for the day you introduced us to BI-Metrix and the fine team that backs up the product.  We are beginning to realize the awesome capabilities of the product which is a boon to any diligent account. It allows control and management of a wide range of business metrics, without deploying an army of accountants. We are also grateful to BI-Metrix for expeditiously helping us out with implementation issues and for taking up the challenge for refinement of the system which we just commissioned, namely, the tracking of the daily sales rate. BI-Metrix is a great product that is reasonably priced and we will not hesitate to recommend it."

- Alfred D’Souza,, Vice-President and CFO

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