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AutoSimply has been a Sage Developer Partner since 2004. AutoSimply products are developed according to Sage 300 ERP SDK, and built on world-class architecture.

AutoSimply's Manufacturing Order, is a compact, user-oriented manufacturing processing solution that is also integrated with Sage 300 ERP. For manufacturing businesses, every second counts on the shop floor. Why waste time manually recording data at each stage in the manufacturing process, only to later discover an error in the paperwork later on? Save time and improve efficiency in your manufacturing operations with AutoSimply and ACCU-DART integration.

AutoSimply Integration with ACCU-DART

ACCU-DART and Autosimply work together to improve your manufacturing operation and solve common business problems (as indicated below).

Time is of the Essence: Enable efficient manufacturing operation flow from initial material purchases through the order closeout. ACCU-DART  and AutoSimply work together to eliminate the manual entry of data.

Ensure Accurate Information: Record accurate information at all stages of your manufacturing process with tools from AutoSimply. ACCU-DART is then able to use this information in an effort to prevent errors before they happen on the shop floor. There is no second database used to maintain or reconcile, and you'll be able to permit everyone in the organization with access to pertinent information.

Increase Efficiency: AutoSimply streamlines your entire manufacturing process from beginning to the end. With ACCU-DART integration, you can complete transactions and update Sage 300 ERP in real-time, making it easier to complete orders on the shop floor and eliminating the need for manual data entry in the front office.

Not JUST your Manufacturing Solution

AutoSimply extends beyond just being your manufacturing solution. It fits all industries including: Electronic Equipment, Tools and Equipment, Industrial Goods, Consumer Goods, Food and Feeds, Construction Materials, Chemical Products, and Automotive Products. AutoSimply is not just for manufacturing companies, but also for wholesale distributors who want to manage their inventory from Purchasing, Inventory, and Sales.

Purchase Planning

AutoSimply's Purchase Planning is fully integrated with Sage 300 ERP Operation Modules. It makes full use of the sales information in O/E, inventory data within I/C, and purchase orders in P/O to generate realistic plans.

Key Features include:

  • Flexible Item Planning Parameters
  • Supports I/C BOM and Kitting Items
  • Better management of sales forecasts
  • Available to Promise Queries
  • Flexible I/C Location Coverage
  • "What If" Scenarios
  • Auto-Generation of P/O Requisitions

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