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How Do You Effectively Collect Data and Use It?
by: BAASS Editor | September 29, 2015
Are you making the best possible business decisions for your organization? Do you have a well-developed plan for data analysis? When used properly, business intelligence can provide your company with valuable insight and direction. All too often, a disproportionate amount of time is spent on compiling and gathering data vs. data analysis, causing you to miss crucial opportunities and important business information.

Getting the most out of your business data requires you to use modern-day tools and technology to analyze your data. You cannot do this with basic programs, spreadsheets or data charts alone. You need an advanced solution that can help you automate the data gathering and analysis process so you can quickly turn key data into valuable insight for your organization.

Automating Data Capture and Analysis with Business Intelligence Tools

Automation is essential for increasing business efficiency and is a much needed tool in the area of data mining and analysis. If your company is still using spreadsheets and other manual processes to gather important information and data, you are wasting valuable time and could be missing out on prime business opportunities. Recent advances in technology have resulted in evolved software solutions that allow businesses to automate all kinds of processes, including data mining and analysis.

Business intelligence applications in particular enable financial leaders to quickly obtain the information they need and present it in a manner that makes it easy for further analysis. Business leaders can pull real-time reports addressing any (and all) areas of the business and use the findings produced from business intelligence applications to make more effective decisions for the company. Over time, you can even use business intelligence to uncover trends in your data in order to create more accurate forecasts.

All in all, business intelligence allows you to not only capture the data you need but use it as well. When you stop managing your data and information with spreadsheets and start automating the capture and analysis with automated business intelligence, you can improve your efficiency, data accuracy, and decision-making capabilities. With a simple investment, you can begin cutting the time spent gathering data in half and focus your efforts on actually using the information gleaned to make better decisions for your business – both now and in the future. 

Interested in learning how your business can use business intelligence to improve the financial situation of your business and support quality decision-making? Download our whitepaper, “Financial Savvy for Small Business Owners: 5 Ways Your Financials Can Help You Run Your Business Better,” or join us to learn more about BI with James Tang at one of our Free Business Intelligence events.  London – November 16th; Thornhill – November 20th; Kelowna – November 25th and Burlington – December 3rd.

About the Author

James Tang, BI Practice Leader, BAASS Thornhill Office

James is a Senior Certified Consultant and a member of the management team at BAASS. James brings forth a high level of experience in Project Management, Business Analysis, and Technical Pre-sales. He has performed over 150 successful conversions to Sage 300 ERP and holds a professional designation as a Certified General Accountant (CGA), and Honours Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Toronto.



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