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Gain a Competitive Edge with Business Intelligence
by: BAASS Editor | January 05, 2016

Your data is telling you something, are you listening?

On Demand access to key business data and analytics is an invaluable tool to achieving your organizations goals.

Compiling and sorting data can be slow and complicated without the proper tools. One way to speed the process up is integrating business intelligence (BI) to your business management software. BI reporting can help sort, filter, compare and view trend analysis assisting in making strategic business decisions and creating opportunistic marketing campaigns.

Utilizing BI dashboards to reveal important information and metrics in real time can greatly improve your response to changing conditions in your business.

Using BI as a tool to provide visibility into where your business has been and where it is going can give you the competitive advantage for growth and effectiveness required in today’s fast paced world.

Business intelligence tools can help your company:

  •          Enhance operational efficiency
  •          Improve corporate governance
  •          Identify trends to take advantage of profitable growth opportunities
  •          Enhance decision-making
  •          Track key business metrics
  •          Reduce costs
For more information about how business intelligence can position your company for growth and improve your decision-making, attend a free webinar, Introduction to Sage Business Intelligence, presented by BI specialist James Tang.

About the Author

Wendy Gorrie, Partner

Wendy has worked as an end user in the accounting departments of various organizations since way back in the early 80’s, during Accpac Plus’s infancy (that is all she is willing to say lest she date herself too much). She was involved in one of the world’s largest deployments of Accpac Plus at that time, a large WAN installation that extended from Burnaby to Jakarta. Since early 90’s, Wendy has worked in all aspects of the organization supporting customers in technical support, consulting, sales, project management.



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