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Human Resources MVP
by: BAASS Editor | January 07, 2016

One of the most overlooked and misunderstood departments in an organization is Human Resources. The functions of the HR department is paramount to the success of a business. Responsible for everything from day-to-day employee relations, hiring and firing, internal controls, coaching, recruitment, training, company culture and more all lie on the human resources staff. We have compiled a list tips for human resource managers to reach maximum effectiveness for your organization:

  • Communication – ensure the lines of communication are open with your employees. Gaining insight and perspective from your staff can provide critical information to ensure employee satisfaction.
  • Take an interest – Going beyond basic professional dialog, get to know your employees and express a genuine interest in their lives and well-being.
  • Provide feedback – Your employees cannot read your mind. Be sure to take time to let your staff know what they’re doing right as well as what needs improvement.
  • Be flexible and understanding – There are more than one right way to achieve a result. Be flexible when someone is doing things their way rather than yours. Unless it is directly affecting business – the way the results are achieved don’t matter as long as they're getting the job done.
  • Create unity – Create a unified environment. People who feel part of a team will work better together.
  • Find their strengths – Help your staff work within their unique strengths. Most teams will have a breadth of talent and strengths. Utilize the unique strengths of individuals who ensure everyone is working within their unique skill set.
  • Schedule regular check-ins – Create a time to meet with your staff individually every three to four months. Not only should this time include a thorough evaluation of their performance but you should also elicit feedback from them on how the organization is doing and what can be done better.
A well-managed HR department has the potential to bring an organization to the next level, and we have amazing tools to help you achieve that.  Learn more about achieving a higher ROEI by contacting a BAASS representative today.

About the Author

Deborah Breen-Whiting, Partner

Deborah brings over twenty years of experience in leadership, management and entrepreneurial roles to BAASS.  Her previous expertise with marketing, leadership and managing employees gives her real world understanding of the critical need for the right business tools. Deborah is a Certified Sage HRMS and ESS Consultant, as well as an MBTI Certified Practitioner.  Recently Deborah completed the Delphia Consulting HR Actions Certification. Her combined skills enable her to complete all client work seamlessly while building and maintaining strong working relationships.  When she is not at work, her focus is on family, travel, and continuous learning.


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