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27 Oct 2015 Tuesday
Learning to Love Performance Review Season
All too often, performance reviews are dreaded by mangers, employees, and the human resources (HR) staff. The process can be tedious and time consuming for managers. Employees may respond negatively to critical feedback. The HR department must oversee the process and ensure its completion. The bottom line – the performance review process isn’t working, however, HR technology can make a difference.

22 Oct 2015 Thursday
What to Look for in Your CRM Software Solution
More than any industry, product, technology, or person one of the most important aspects of business is forming and maintaining customer relationships. The lack of positive relationships can jeopardize the success of business. Having a customer relationship management (CRM) system provides the tools needed to ensure positive relationships with your customers.

08 Oct 2015 Thursday
Join Us in November for BAASS Connect 2015
Could you use some guidance to get the most out of your Sage business systems and applications? No matter how long you have been using your system, you can always learn more. As competition among companies increases, the need to improve the efficiency of your business solutions becomes even greater. For the past 18 years, BAASS Connect (formerly Accpac Live) has been a place where businesses can learn best practices to increase their competitive advantage and maintain staying power in today’s ever-changing business world. As one of the largest partner conferences in North America, BAASS Connect can connect you with all the information you need to take your business software to the next level.

07 Oct 2015 Wednesday
Automation is Key to Improving Warehouse Efficiency and Accuracy
Are you looking for ways to increase efficiency within the warehouse? Do you find that human error is the cause of costly mistakes time and again? Inefficient processes and inaccurate data can lead to significant problems in the warehouse and beyond. Whether you are dealing with inaccurate inventory numbers leading to overstock or understock situations or you are missing shipment deadlines due to inefficiencies in the order fulfillment process, the impact of operational inefficiencies can be felt across the organization and even impact your company’s profitability.



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