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06 Oct 2015 Tuesday
Is Your HR Department Drowning in To-Do Lists?
When was the last time you looked at your human resources (HR) department to evaluate processes? Are all aspects of your organization functioning at optimum capacity, or are you barely getting the most important tasks accomplished? While it may not seem to be as important as finance or sales, the HR department plays a significant role in your business. Ineffective processes within the HR department can impact other areas of the organization, hindering your business productivity and efficiency.

01 Oct 2015 Thursday
Customer Visibility: Why it Matters and How to Achieve it
When it comes to managing your customers, you have one of two ways to go about it: you can engage in conversation when your customers reach out to you for a service or new product, or you can pursue an active relationship with your customers and prospects so you are always in front of them. It does not take much to see that one way is far superior to the other.

29 Sep 2015 Tuesday
How Do You Effectively Collect Data and Use It?
Are you making the best possible business decisions for your organization? Do you have a well-developed plan for data analysis? When used properly, business intelligence can provide your company with valuable insight and direction. All too often, a disproportionate amount of time is spent on compiling and gathering data vs. data analysis, causing you to miss crucial opportunities and important business information.

24 Sep 2015 Thursday
Managing Projects Successfully
A significant attribute of leading consulting firms is the ability to execute projects successfully on a consistent basis. Project success translates to high client retention rates and the ability to attract new customers. To achieve project success, a mix of activities, human capital, and processes must be organized and well-managed. In this article we’ll examine some key project management responsibilities to help identify opportunities for improvement in your firm.



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