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25 Aug 2015 Tuesday
The Secret to Employee Engagement
Over the past five years, how many employees have left your company voluntarily? How has the loss of valuable employees affected your business? While employee turnover is a natural part of the workforce cycle, unexpected losses can be harmful to your company. The loss of valuable employees can mean many things for businesses (no matter the size): unfulfilled roles, higher costs, a lower knowledge base, and decreased performance overall. Turnover comes with high costs that many businesses are not willing to pay.

12 Aug 2015 Wednesday
Important Information for Our Sage 300 Payroll Clients: Upgrade Options
We are back from an exciting Sage Summit. Hosted this year in New Orleans, Sage Summit 2015 gave partners and clients a chance to learn about new industry trends as well as gain access to the latest information on Sage products. At the conference we learned about upcoming updates to the Sage 300 Payroll module and we would like to share the information with our clients to ensure you continue to maximize the use of your Sage 300 application.

06 Aug 2015 Thursday
Do You Have a Clear View of Your Supply Chain?
Can you look at your computer and see what is happening in your distribution center right now? Are you aware of problems as they occur, or are you only made aware of inefficiencies once they’ve impacted your distribution channel? As any distributor will tell you, inefficiencies in the distribution center are a death sentence to your business.

04 Aug 2015 Tuesday
3 Ways to Improve Your Service Operation in 2015
Customer dissatisfaction is one of the greatest obstacles your company will face in its business lifetime. If your company services and maintains products for your customers, then you are well aware of the unique challenges service-based businesses face. From unresolved issues to ill-informed service technicians to faulty parts and rude technicians, the reasons for customer dissatisfaction are many. While we cannot help you with technician personality problems, we can offer some insight into improving the efficiency of your service operation so you can better serve your customers.



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