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30 Jul 2015 Thursday
Are You Getting a High Return on Your Customer Relationships?
Have you poured all of your time, energy and money into your latest marketing campaign, only to have very few people bite? If your marketing campaigns are not generating any interest among new or existing customers, something is wrong. While we often like to blame the campaign itself for the lack of response (“it could have focused more on this…” or “we should have included this…”), more often than not, your poor campaign responses are the result of something much bigger.

28 Jul 2015 Tuesday
Looking to Reduce Your Operational Expenses? Start Here
When looking at ways to reduce expenses, one of the first categories businesses focus on is operational expenses. Operational expenses are incurred in carrying out an organization’s activities . These expenses can add up quickly and come in a variety of shapes and sizes . While some of the most common expenses are in the form of office rent, insurance and payroll , others are not so easily enumerated.

10 Jul 2015 Friday
Go Paperless in These 3 Areas to Cut Costs
No matter your industry, there are myriad opportunities to cut back on paper usage and increase the efficiency of your department and business. Integrated document management systems give users the capability to electronically capture and store documents, access files from mobile devices, streamline business processes using workflow, and automate file output—all of which leads to cost savings. So which areas of your business are most paper-intensive? Read on to find out, and consider how document management in these 3 places would change your workplace.

09 Jul 2015 Thursday
The Truth about Using Spreadsheets for Fixed Asset Accounting
Do you still use spreadsheets to track and account for your fixed assets? Did you know that relying on spreadsheets for fixed asset accounting can actually do more harm than good to your business? Spreadsheets have long been used by businesses to track and report on information and – for the most part – they are an effective tool.



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