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08 Jul 2015 Wednesday
What are the Business Benefits of Moving to the Cloud?
What have you heard about the Cloud? Have you considered moving to Cloud-based software after hearing about its many benefits? Recent talk regarding Cloud computing, its benefits and its impact on today’s businesses has many companies wondering if they should make the move from on-premise enterprise solutions to Cloud-based options. The attractive operational benefits, system flexibility, and promises of cost-savings lure in many prospects who want to improve business efficiency and streamline operations.

07 Jul 2015 Tuesday
The Key to Strengthening Your Customer Intelligence
When it comes to your customers, how knowledgeable are you about their behavior and its overall impact on your organization? Can you easily identify the most profitable customers? What about the most unprofitable customers? In today’s economy, keeping an eye on your finances is critical to your business success. Many businesses tend to focus all of their efforts on how they can decrease operational costs through efficiency-generating tools or budget restructuring, missing the cost-cutting opportunities right in front of them.

02 Jul 2015 Thursday
BAASS Shares Sage CRM Expertise with Tomorrow’s Business Leaders
Florida International University (FIU) has long recognized the importance of offering courses in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Business Intelligence (BI) to its students and business professionals alike (both on premise and via the cloud). These courses focused on the business challenges CRM solutions solve, how to design a CRM strategy, how to create a CRM plan and what to look for when procuring the solution, but there was one thing missing.

30 Jun 2015 Tuesday
Preparing for Demand Increases
Manufacturers are about to enter into one of the busiest seasons of the year. As the economy continues to improve and the holiday season looms ahead, experts predict the end of 2015 to be a busy one. Manufacturing companies are being cautioned to prepare now for higher than normal order volumes, as demand for durable goods is continuing to rise across the world. While the promise of a busy season may seem like good news, for the ill-prepared manufacturer, it can cause increased amounts of stress.



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