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27 May 2015 Wednesday
How to Solve the Challenge of Getting the Right Stock in the Right Place
It's no secret that companies that own inventory struggle to balance the competing interests of various stakeholders in the organization. On the one hand, the finance team wants to minimize the cash tied up in inventory, as well as reduce the carrying costs of that inventory. Industry standards indicate that carrying costs average around 25% for items such as insurance, physical counts, moving and storage and damage & obsolescence. These are all great reasons for minimizing the amount of inventory on hand.

26 May 2015 Tuesday
Lead Nurturing: How to Build Effective Campaigns that Convert Leads into Customers
How much time are you currently dedicating to nurturing your leads? Have you given much thought into how to effectively engage each individual, or are you simply throwing general marketing campaigns in their direction hoping they will bite the bait? Effective lead nurturing and management requires a lot of time, effort and individualization, all things today’s sales and marketing departments do not have to spare.

05 May 2015 Tuesday
Making Your Business Assets Work for You
The value of your business is tied up in your assets. Your assets, however, consist of more than the inventory stored on your warehouse shelves and the revenue from the sale of said inventory. For a true picture of your business assets, you need to look at everything your business owns, including the buildings used to house inventory, the computers your employees use to manage business processes, the land upon which your buildings are built, and all the items in between that you have purchased to maintain your business.

04 May 2015 Monday
Uncovering the Differences between Cloud and On-Premise Solutions
Have you thought about moving your business management software solutions to the Cloud? As more and more businesses begin to take their business processes and software to the Cloud, we have received a number of questions regarding the pros and cons of moving to the Cloud. From questions about the Cloud’s security to assumptions about its costs savings, we have fielded a number of inquiries and cleared up some common misconceptions about the Cloud and on-premise software.



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