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03 Apr 2015 Friday
The Top Concerns of Today’s CFOs – and How to Address Them
What are your biggest stressors as your organization’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO)? What issues or challenges keep you up at night? Are you doing anything at all to address these stressors, or are you allowing them to dominate your job? How you choose to deal with the everyday stress of the job matters a great deal when determining your organization’s future for success.

02 Apr 2015 Thursday
Why Personal Relationships Matter to Your Organization – and How You Can Start Building Them
On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being the most dissatisfied and 10 being the most satisfied), how would your customers rate your business when it comes to customer service? Now, ask yourself the same question. How would you rate your business when it comes to customer service?

02 Apr 2015 Thursday
How to Become a More Outcome-Oriented Business
Have you ever wondered why a particular product of yours is struggling to gain sales in a particular area? Has one of your products seen a sudden and significant decline in customer purchases? Finding the root cause to these and other business issues should be top priority; however, many businesses struggle to pinpoint the root of their problems without a significant investment in time and money.

24 Mar 2015 Tuesday
Professional Service Organizations: 5 KPIs for Profit Improvement & Financial Maturity
Are you a professional services executive struggling to determine how to help your Professional Services Organization (PSO) improve profitability? There are several factors that could be impeding your efforts, such as expansion costs (compensation, facilities management), adjusting to regulations in new environments, and billing complications. According to a study by SPI Research, “Five Key Performance Indicators for Greater Financial Success,” in order to achieve profitable growth, PSOs must focus on “maturing” their people, processes and systems.



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