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26 Apr 2016 Tuesday
The Integration of CRM and Social Media Channels: A Must-Have for Marketing
Social media provides a gateway for both B2B and B2C companies to connect with their customers. Tracking both connections and communications used to be separate from CRM systems, but newly developed integration allows users to take information from both sources and generate useful analytics.

08 Apr 2016 Friday
Weighing the Costs and Value of Accurate Manufacturing Data
The manufacturing industry faces many challenges, but one in particular is the need for accurate, timely and actionable data. Today, data fuels decision-making in every part of an organization, including the supply chain and manufacturing. Without accurate and timely data, you run the risk of making poor decisions or missing key opportunities.

04 Apr 2016 Monday
3 Ways to Increase Customer Retention with CRM
In the never-ending goal of gaining new customers and maximizing revenue, sometimes exiting clients are ignored. However, isn’t it true that it is cheaper to maintain an existing customer than to acquire a new one? So then, why not focus on customer retention? Nothing is more important than your customer when it comes to your company’s growth and profitability.

31 Mar 2016 Thursday
Appeal to Audience Learning Styles to Present Business Intelligence Information
The average business individual often addresses audiences who are unfamiliar with business presentations and inexperienced at data interpretation. Such audiences need help grasping key concepts present in the available data. Company-wide meetings, annual shareholder meetings, investor meetings and the like may all include such people who care deeply about the company’s success but may have difficult grasping business report findings.



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