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27 Feb 2015 Friday
How Can We Attract New Customers and Keep Them for Life?
Is your sales team struggling to make connections with new customers? Do they seem to be dropping the ball more times than not when it comes to winning (and keeping) customers? If you answered yes to both of these questions, refrain from placing the blame entirely on your sales team. The key to customer retention surprisingly lies in the way you attract new customers and in today’s highly competitive market, the task of attracting and winning new customers can be difficult.

26 Feb 2015 Thursday
Reminder: If your Fiscal Year End is March 31st
March 31st is a major reporting deadline for Canada’s schools, non-profit agencies and many government agencies, particularly those with funding from Provincial Governments. The list here, while not all-inclusive, is designed to assist you in your preparation for the upcoming fiscal year-end.

10 Feb 2015 Tuesday
5 Inventory Situations to Avoid – and How to Solve Them
Inventory. The word alone is enough to invoke feelings of panic and anxiety in even the most level-headed warehouse manager. Keeping up with inventory demands is a full-time job, one that many managers perform in addition to managing the warehouse. Because warehouse managers do not have an abundance of time to dedicate to their inventory situations, many companies suffer in the area of inventory management.

06 Feb 2015 Friday
The Secret to Surviving Distribution Growth
If your distribution center is struggling to keep up with demand, you are not alone. As in-store and online sales continue to increase, distributors are scrambling to fulfill orders faster than ever without losing the accuracy they’ve always maintained. While an increase in orders is always good in terms of revenue goals, it can wreak havoc in the distribution center itself, particularly if the right tools and technologies are not in place to prepare for such sudden growth.



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