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29 Mar 2016 Tuesday
Should Performance Reviews Be Tied to Compensation Review?
An article in the Harvard Business Review reinforced the idea that tying compensation to performance reviews isn’t always effective. In the article, the authors state that using compensation to drive performance leads to hierarchical, politicized corporate environments. It undermines collegiality and fuels a blame-oriented culture, according to the same article. But financial incentives work, don’t they?

24 Mar 2016 Thursday
Is It Time to Refine Your CRM Objectives?
How long has it been since you implemented your CRM project? If it’s been a while, or if you’re about to switch CRM vendors, it may be time to refine or even redefine your CRM objectives. What Are Typical CRM Objectives? Customer relationship management is a philosophy, not a software. Consequently, its objectives must permeate the entire corporate culture from the front desk to the warehouse and fulfillment center.

15 Mar 2016 Tuesday
Why You Need Business Intelligence for the CFO
Business Intelligence is a valuable tool for your entire organization. In the past, it has been primarily utilized by IT or data scientists, however, more and more CFO’s are looking at BI to gain helpful information and insight into their organizations. The CFO possesses unique skills and expertise to analyze this information and leverage it to benefit them. Technology is an ever evolving phenomenon, its progression has resulted in the need for companies to manage supply chain and inventory turnover.

10 Mar 2016 Thursday
Is There Such a Thing as the “Right” ERP Software?
The process of finding the right business software for your needs can be complicated and overwhelming. With many options to choose from; basic accounting, manufacturing, and/or distribution operations. Consider the following tips when preparing to select a new Enterprise Resource Planning system for your organization. Before you begin your search, sit down with key leaders and managers within your organization and determine why you need ERP software.



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