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09 Mar 2016 Wednesday
Go Green with 3 Asset Management Strategies
Green is most definitely the new black in today’s world. Finding ways to preserve the environment while conducting day-to-day operations can be tricky and expensive. Updating equipment to eco-friendly options and implementing green tools leads to company capital being spent on fixed assets that are multi-functional. This requires managers to ensure that new assets are both useful to the organization and friendly to the environment.

08 Mar 2016 Tuesday
Are There Inefficiencies in Your Order Fulfillment Processes?
Each step from the moment an order is received until the item arrives in the hands of the customer is what’s considered the order fulfillment process. Oftentimes this process has too many steps and is leading to inefficiencies in your organization. Today we will look at a few ways to improve the order fulfillment process. There are several challenges organizations face throughout the order fulfillment process.

01 Mar 2016 Tuesday
Building Relationships with Core Customers
Forming and maintaining customer relationships is one of the most important aspects of any business. Not being able to maintain positive relationships can severely jeopardize your success. The solution to this problem may lie in implementing the right customer relationship management (CRM) system to communicate more effectively which can provide you with the necessary tools to ensure positive customer relationships.

26 Feb 2016 Friday
Frequently Asked Questions regarding Organizations using Cloud accounting software hosted outside of Canada: Part 2 of 2
As Canadian organizations consider a move Cloud Accounting, each must consider a number of items. Based on our experience assisting clients who consider the shift to the cloud, we created some Frequently Asked Questions and responses. This is the second blog in the series focusing on questions about your data in the cloud, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and US government regulations. This first of the two blogs focused on your data, where it is stored and the Canadian Privacy Act (PIPEDA).



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