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24 Feb 2016 Wednesday
Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Organizations Using Cloud Accounting Software Hosted Outside of Canada: Part 1 of 2
As Canadian organizations consider a move to Cloud Accounting, they must consider many items. Based on our experience assisting clients with the review of options, we created some Frequently Asked Questions and responses. This first of two blogs will focus on your data, where it is stored and the Canadian Privacy Act (PIPEDA). Our second blog will focus on questions about your data in the cloud and the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

16 Feb 2016 Tuesday
Sales Tax Boot Camp: Suggestions to Conquer the Complexities of U.S. Tax Compliance
If your organisation does business in the United States and you have an obligation to collect and remit sales tax there, you may be spending a lot of your time trying to figure it out. If you haven’t had to deal with sales tax compliance yet but are thinking of expanding your business to the U.S. you might be wondering, what makes it so complex? As you start to dig into the wonderful world of sales tax compliance, here are some of the challenges you may come up against:. To learn more, sign up for our webinar on February 24th at 1 pm ET: Sales Tax Compliance for Dummies.

11 Feb 2016 Thursday
Why Activating and Maintaining Integrated EDI Trading Relationships Can be Difficult
Setting up of integrated trading relationships—“onboarding” in EDI lingo—requires a special brand of diligence and patience. Once implemented, changes that require skilled maintenance are inevitable. Here are some of the factors.

10 Feb 2016 Wednesday
Keeping Customers Happy With Service Management
Are you struggling to meet the expectations of your customers when it comes to providing excellent service? Of course, it is your organizations desire to respond to all customer inquiries expeditiously. Providing “Nordstrom” quality services and products. However, with all of the customers to manage, the different parts and products required to meet every request, and limited time this can be challenging and quickly become a customer service nightmare. Lack of organization and streamlined processes can create additional challenges, leading to significant inefficiencies, longer service times and unhappy customers.



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