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02 Feb 2016 Tuesday
Don’t Let Inventory Storage Steal Profits
Small and medium sized business owners will tell you that achieving the right inventory balance is very challenging. How does excess stock impact your business? -Due to the costs of warehousing, stock-taking, insuring, shrinkage and damage excess increases operating costs and decreases overall competitive advantage.

28 Jan 2016 Thursday
Evaluating Your Cloud Storage Needs
The first quarter of the year is a great time to establish positive habits that will lead to health and prosperity in the coming year. Things such as improving diet and exercise, cleaning out the garage, closets, and more. Bringing this perspective to the workplace can help to set your organization up for success as well. Consider for instance, your cloud storage strategy. Today we will discuss a few simple ways you can evaluate your cloud strategy to identify how it can work best for you in the coming year.

25 Jan 2016 Monday
Using BI to Understand What Your Business Is Telling You
Business Intelligence (BI) can be a valuable tool for your organization. There is data that has been collected over the past year, or more, that can be used to help make intelligent decisions in the coming year. Additionally, this information can help you make sales projections, understand trends, avoid mistakes, and more. However, without the proper understanding of how to read this information these benefits of BI could be missed.

20 Jan 2016 Wednesday
Simplify Your Sales Process with CRM
Is your sales team working at optimum efficiency? Are they following up with every lead? Do they have the information they need to answer customer questions and present appropriate products and upgrades? Today’s successful sales teams have a clearly defined process that is followed to a tee. Sadly, many organizations experience set-backs in the sales process that lead to delays in sales and at times the loss of sales all-together. Since no one can afford these types of losses – solutions must be found and implemented, fast.



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