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12 Jan 2016 Tuesday
Documenting Fixed Assets with Ease
A vital and oftentimes overlooked task for business is the tracking of fixed assets such as technology, cars, furniture, etc. A fixed asset is any tangible item valued at least $500. Accounting for each of these items for some large companies can be quite a task. However, there is data collection software that can streamline this process for you. In fact there is fixed asset tracking software that will allow you to scan barcode labels to capture and catalog the information accordingly.

07 Jan 2016 Thursday
Human Resources MVP
One of the most overlooked and misunderstood departments in an organization is Human Resources. The functions of the HR department is paramount to the success of a business. Responsible for everything from day-to-day employee relations, hiring and firing, internal controls, coaching, recruitment, training, company culture and more all lie on the human resources staff. We have compiled a list tips for human resource managers to reach maximum effectiveness for your organization

06 Jan 2016 Wednesday
What to Expect From ERP in 2016
Enterprise resource planning software is a core tool for businesses. In the ever-changing ever-changing world of technology is helpful to understand where trends are pushing us forward so you can be prepared.

05 Jan 2016 Tuesday
Gain a Competitive Edge with Business Intelligence
Your data is telling you something, are you listening? On Demand access to key business data and analytics is an invaluable tool to achieving your organizations goals. Compiling and sorting data can be slow and complicated without the proper tools. One way to speed the process up is integrating business intelligence (BI) to your business management software



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