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04 Jan 2016 Monday
What Can CRM Do for My Business?
Developing a thorough knowledge of your customers allows you to create marketing strategies to target their specific needs. The question then becomes, where to store collected information on your customers in a way that is organized and easy to use? Using a customer relationship management (CRM) system is a great tool to do just that.

15 Dec 2015 Tuesday
Stop Struggling with Inventory Management
Are you struggling with inventory management? Are you in need of improving efficiency within the warehouse? Inventory management is a serious topic that requires continual improvement to maintain optimum business processes and provide the best possible customer service when fulfilling offers. Here are four ways you can improve inventory management in your warehouse.

10 Dec 2015 Thursday
Do You Have a Clear View of Your Supply Chain?
Do you have real time access to your distribution center? Can you anticipate problems or identify them as they occur? Do you become aware of inefficiencies as they occur or after the fact? Most distributors will agree that inefficiencies within the distribution center are extremely costly to business. If left unresolved these inefficiencies can lead to reduced profits as well.

09 Dec 2015 Wednesday
Are You Getting a High Return on Your Customer Relationships?
Were you less than thrilled with the results of your latest marketing campaign? Compared to all of the time, money, and effort spent, are you pleased with the return on your investment? If you aren’t fully satisfied with the results of your marketing campaigns, perhaps it is time to explore the possible reasons why. Although it is possible that there were problems with the marketing campaign, the methods, the offer, etc. the reason for its poor performance may stem from a different reason all together.



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