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08 Dec 2015 Tuesday
Using Business Intelligence to Save Time and Money
Operational expenses are a significant line item on the budget that business will often look at to see where they can reduce costs. Things like rent, employee benefits, services such as internet and IT, can really add up. Although costly they are necessary at the same time. Oftentimes large expenses come in the form of manual processes that not only cost in the way of time spent but also have a high probability of errors which are costly, as well.

02 Dec 2015 Wednesday
Understanding the Cloud
Are you confused about the cloud? If so, you’re not alone. Many people talk about the cloud but don’t fully understand what it really means. Cloud computing is a great tool that can benefit your business, but first, you must understand what the cloud is. In essence, the cloud is a storage space for data. All of your files, even your software can be stored on the cloud.

03 Nov 2015 Tuesday
Streamline Warehouse Processes and Efficiency
There is a vast array of businesses that can benefit from the use of barcodes. Barcoding allows you to streamline warehouse processes and increase your shipping and receiving staff’s efficiency. Validating, gathering, and verifying data with barcoding software is simple and efficient. Barcoding can save time and money by automating processes for dozens of employees. If your business is not yet on board with barcoding, here are a few of the key benefits of utilizing barcoding software.

29 Oct 2015 Thursday
Business Intelligence for the CFO
Business analytics, in the past primarily evaluated by IR departments or data scientists are finding their way in the hands and plans of the CFO. The CFO has the skills and expertise to more fully utilize these analytics, leveraging the power they can offer. Utilizing real-time data access, and an ability to analyze large amounts of data.



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